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Not sure if it's worth it? The Cuenca Pass isn't for everyone. If you are one of those people who just hates saving money on everyday purchases then I'm afraid this card just isn't for you! But, if you are like the other 99.9% of us who love saving money on everyday purchases, then we have something special for you!

The Cuenca Pass  is for you if...

  • You love saving money on everyday expenses like groceries, medical appointments, food & drink etc. I mean we are talking about over 110 reusable discounts all over Cuenca. That's some serious savings people!
  • You currently live in Cuenca or are planning a trip there in the near future. The discount card can save you money, even if it's your first day in Cuenca 
  • You don't like coupons and you hate having to carry them around to save a couple bucks
  • You love supporting local businesses. As an Expat in a foreign country, its important to help the small businesses in your community succeed

Fits Right In Your Wallet

The Cuenca Pass fits right into your wallet or purse. This way you will have it with you wherever you go


Use the Cuenca Pass as often as you would like at every participating location. No usage restrictions or limits

Saves You Money

With hundreds of dollars in savings around Ecuador, its easy to save money on accommodation, travel, shopping, entertainment & health services.

Get Instant Access To Hundreds Of Dollars In Savings!

Now Only $25!

Discover Cuenca & Save!

Not only is the Cuenca Pass a great and easy way to save, it’s also a source of adventure for many of us. We are all fish out of water when we move to a new place. The Cuenca Pass allows you access to so many new places, experiences and savings in the palm of you hand. I had made my money back on the Cuenca Pass in the first 6 weeks AND went to so many cool places that I never would have known about. Stump your local friends when you suggest one of the more “hard to find” or new restaurants in town. It’s fun, easy, and SAVES YOU MONEY.

Charlotte G.

No Brainer!

I have had the card for seven months now. I love the fact that there is a the wide variety of vendors who accept it,with more being added all the time. Undoubtedly, my favourite feature is the 5% discount given by Coral, I have saved over $100 there already, paying for the card several times over.

I have been so impressed that I even bought a card as a gift for an Ecuadorian friend. She loves it and it has really helped her and her family - a gift that truly does keep giving.

My renewal for the next year is an absolute certainty.

Steve Rattle

Show Your Card and SAVE!

Living on a budget in Ecuador isn't a tough battle, but the Cuenca Pass makes it even easier. I love this card. It paid for itself in the first month!

Chris B.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where can I pick up my Cuenca Pass?

Does the card expire?

Can my partner use the card without me?

How can we add our favorite business that isn't in the program?

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