• From Gay on Refugio del Mejor Amigo

    I had read that the refuge was open for visitors on Sat mornings so took a taxi from El Centro to arrive just after 11am. It took some time to find the right place (there are no signs) along dirt roads. Leaving the taxi I climbed down a steep track to find the gate, but it was locked and nobody answered my knocking or calling. I walked around the perimeter of the property to try and raise someone but it seemed deserted, apart from the dogs. I then had a long walk back to the main road to get a taxi.
    If anyone is planning to visit the refuge I would recommend phoning first to make sure they will be there (and probably asking the taxi to wait).

    2017/11/25 at 5:30 pm
  • From Sam on Charqui

    Disappointing! Ent for the Labor Day BBQ and arrived while there were tables available. Went solely for the ribs, but they were “out”! Seriously, within ten minutes of the first seating. Ordered pulled pork sand which instead and it was very, very, very mediocre! Comparing Thalia sandwich with the same one they serve at Sunrise Cafe is like comparing a tri-cycle to a Ferrari! Very small portion of pulled pork smashed between a bun. Two small potatos cut in half and fired plus maybe one leaf of lettuce (or half a leaf?) and two couple of shreds of green/red pepper with a little vinegar and oil on top. These folks were running around taking pictures of everybody that was there like this was a new experience for them.. Like I said very, very disappointing. Don’t’ waste you time or money!

    2017/09/02 at 9:26 pm
  • From Fernando Córdova on Creaciones Muebles

    Celular 0996823249
    Teléfono 2801363
    Por favor llamar a estos números , gracias

    2017/08/08 at 10:33 pm
  • From Chuck on Charqui

    Had been wanting to try the food here for a while, today we finally got our chance. The food and the presentation was excellent. The service was exceptional. The pesto was the best we ever had and we tried the Jamaican flower with ginger water and it is extremely good and blends nicely with the flavors of the food.The owner is so nice and we enjoyed our time meeting and talking with him. We are already making plans to go back. If you like BBQ do yourself a favor and go ASAP.
    PS: go hungry it’s a lot of food

    2017/07/08 at 7:55 pm
  • From Anonymous on Dr. Juan Carlos Salamea Molina, MD FACS

    Dr. Salamea is truly exceptional! I saw a loved one receive excellent care from him. I am blown away by how helpful and kind he is. He is clearly committed to his profession and doing a good job; I would trust my medical care–my life even–to his hands. He knows English well. I highly recommend him.

    2017/06/18 at 2:59 am
  • From Miguel on Coliseo Jefferson Perez

    Swimming costs $1.14 for kids and $2.28 for adults (open swim) and is offered twice daily (mornings and evenings) during the weekday. Saturday open swim starts at 9 am.

    2017/06/07 at 2:07 pm
  • From Henry Dabrowski on Dr Grace Ordoñez

    During my recent trip around Ecuador and with extended stay in Cuenca, I have decided to have some dental work done by Dr. Grace Ordonez.

    My experience with Dr. Ordonez and her team went beyond my imagination. After initially anticipated work was completed, I have decided to extend my stay in Cuenca for additional two weeks and have all my dental problems rectified by Dr. Ordonez and her team. My dental treatment included from basic extraction and filing to root canal, crowns, deep cleaning and implants. In my case, not only I have beautiful, natural teeth and crowns to show, allowing me to smile like never before, but my teeth bite has been rectified as well.

    Because my timing was limited, Dr. Ordonez dedicated her extra time and attention to my treatment, working very early in the morning and after regular office hours. Dr. Ordonez is perfectionist, who provides excellent care with outstanding results. Dr. Ordonez genuinely cares for her patients and every smallest detail of her work she provides to them. There is no rushing in Dr. Ordonez cabinet, every detail is done to perfection. Any procedure is not consider completed until patient and Dr. Ordonez are satisfied with the final results.

    During all my procedures, I was treated with most respects by Dr. Ordonez, her team doctors and supporting staff. For a fist time, I have been treated in dentist cabinet as a patient and no quick money grab, so typical across North America these days. All the procedures by four doctors, have been conducted in Dr. Ordonez cabinet, where all her team doctors came to see me, instead of being circled around from one doctor’s office to another, from one appointment to another, back home. I would like to ensure people who are afraid to go to the dentist, that at any time during my procedures, I was in any pain or even discomfort. The gentle approach of Dr. Ordonez and Dr. Sanchez, their magic touch, made me feel good and safe.

    Dr. Ordonez team provides the highest quality care and service, using state of the art equipment, latest materials and methods in relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

    Special thank you to whole team of doctors: Dr Grace Ordonez, Dr. Maria Sanchez, Dr. Santiago Reinoso, Dr. Juan, supporting staff Gabi, Jonathan and dental lab technicians for providing such an extraordinary care, dedication, beautiful work and patience with me. I am extremely satisfied with results of whole team efforts and work outcome. I do not think, I will be able to receive or afford this kind of care and treatment in Canada.

    I highly recommend dr. Ordonez and her team for any type of work, big or small.

    If you are looking for a dental treatment, with a special touch and extraordinary results, look no further, Dr. Grace Ordonez dental office is your place.

    You will be satisfied guaranteed and tell about your experience to anyone like me.

    2017/05/31 at 8:11 pm
  • From Shelly Ross on Dr. Luis Alberto Tinoco Cazorla

    This was a quality experience in every aspect. There is a comfort level and confidence in his expertise from the very beginning. Unlike the services in the United States, which are very detached, impersonal and filled with procedure, this surgeon provides a direct, caring, professional experience that is pleasant, easy and personal. I will recommend him to anyone looking for the highest quality in plastic surgery, from beginning to end. I am looking forward to returning for more services…. as he will be my surgeon of choice after having investigated many others at home and abroad.

    2017/04/19 at 12:47 pm
  • From Ida on Paradiso Spa

    This is the place to go if you have any pain or sickness in your body and wanna get a good massage. You will get super relaxed!
    and: Bryan do you have an email address?

    2017/04/16 at 5:05 pm
  • From Mariana Haskell on Charqui

    We just enjoyed a most delicious meal at one of what are now our four favorite restaurants in Cuenca. Charqui is unique in serving its food in beautifully carved stone dishes, heated or cooled to keep the food at just the right temperature. Their wood-fired oven imparted a great flavor to the meat, their veggies were cooked just enough to still be crunchy, their salad was fresh and crispy, their sauces delicious, and the hot ginger water was perfect, not too sweet, for a chilly rainy night.

    2017/02/23 at 3:18 am
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