Fabiano’s Pizzería

Try a hand-crafted pizza pie, a delicious plate of pasta, or some of the best garlic knots in town!

Fabiano’s is a family owned pizzeria managed by Fabiano the chef, Jackie and Jocelyne who are taking are of the costumers, our story begins with Fabiano, he worked and learned with Italian Chefs for 15 years and from the very start he realized that he loved to cook, and this helped gain a lot of experience in the area. We opened the restaurant about 3 years ago but what made this business special is that we consider everybody that comes in as our family, the Fabiano’s family.

Make sure to drop in for lunch or dinner and try a hand-crafted pizza pie, a delicious plate of pasta, or some of the best garlic knots in town!

8 reviews

  1. Price Can't Be Beat

    We just got back from a month in Cuenca and our first dinner was their pizza delivered as a recommendation and our last dinner was at the restaurant. Myself and kids loved their stroganoff, chicken parmesan and pizza. Prices can’t be beat and taste is great!! When we get back to Cuenca we’ll go to Fabiano’s.

  2. Best In Town

    We love Fabiano’s. Best pizza so far in Cuenca

  3. Love This Place

    My gringo friends and I love Fabianos….We are there every Friday….I know all my buddies love this place, because they are there all the time – I wonder why they don’t bother to write anything…The prices are fantasitc and you can mingle with other gringos on Fridays….Pizzas are good and the drinks 2×1…wow!!!!! I love this place!

  4. 2 Hours For Pizza?

    I ordered a pizza from Fabiano’s. They told me an hour. After two hours I cancelled the pizza and had breakfast bars for dinner.

  5. Best Lasagna

    The best lasagna in Cuenca, and the best price (under $4)! Great pizzas, great stroganoff, chicken parmesan, salads, garlic knots (to die for!), you name it. Clean bathroom with paper, too! Plus, they deliver, and the whole family speaks English (lived in the U.S).Presidente Córdova 4-84 y Mariano Cueva, 099-293-8531.

  6. Don't Forget The Garlic Knots!

    Oh my gosh….the Garlic Knots & Calamari are simply divine!!! The prices are very reasonable and the service great. We always feel so welcomed when we are there…the staff and the space have good energy as well.

  7. best place to buy pizza in Cuenca!

    Great, hot pizza delivered. Full menu. Very friendly people. Nice location to eat in. Prices are also good. My wife and I think this is the best place to buy pizza in Cuenca!

  8. Great Staff

    Great spot! Great staff. Food was good too. Italian food has not been something that is found in Cuenca and is good… Here the food is good. We really enjoyed our lunch.

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Presidente Córdova 4-84 & Mariano Cueva Cuenca, Ecuador
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