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We are a Highly Trained group of dentist that focuses on the overall health of a patient as well a his or hers Dental needs. We use only the Highest Quality dental products from Germany and the U.S

Dr. Grace was born in the city of Loja and was raised in Cuenca. In 1995 she graduated dental school from the University of Cuenca. In her pursuit to continue with her education, she travelled to the United States where she worked with Dr. Joel Beamed in the state of Connecticut. Dr Grace is a professional who maintains an excellent level of knowledge in dental practice by her continuous training and education.

She and her team are highly qualified in all dental needs such as: • Oral Rehabilitation (crowns –bridges)

• Dental Implants

• Endodontic

• Periodontics

• TMJ and teeth-grinding

• Oral Surgery Dra. Grace philosophy is quite simple ¨Caring for her patients and perform the practice of dentistry in the way she would like to be exerted on herself. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and service in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while working within your budget and schedule.

13 reviews

  1. Excellent Dentist - Dr. Grace Oedonez

    I would like to say a special “thank you”. to dentist Dr. Grace Ordonez. In the past month she has corrected dental work previous done by 2 other dentists one here in Cuenca. She refilled and rebuilt a front tooth for me the day it broke. Yesterday morning she replace a crown that fallen out the previous evening.

    I have seen Dr. Grave over the past 3 years and she is always professional, kind, accomodating and does first rate work. I highly recommend her.

  2. Dr. Grace is terrific

    Dr. Grace Ordonez is the perfect dentist for people such as myself who have avoided dentist is the US due to fear, costs or previous bad experiences. Prior to moving to Cuenca from the US I had spent several thousand dollars having two Crowns replaced which began to fail soon after arriving here. I have always hated to go to the dentist and must say I was apprehensive visiting dentist in the US and very much so in Ecuador. I also suffer from TMJ and that requires some special care which increased my fears. After meeting Dr. Grace as everyone calls her, I began to feel somewhat reassured. But after she began her first exam and was so careful and caring I was able to relax a bit. She took care of my immediate needs over several visits which included rest time for my TMJ. Because I had not properly taken care of my teeth and seldom visited dentists unless I absolutely had to, I did have a lot of work that need to be done. Over the course of nearly a year Dr. Grace restored several crowns, arranged for two implants and rebuilt one bridge and added another, She is amazingly gentle, and kind. And the work she and her team preformed on my teeth was amazing. I can’t say I love sitting in a dentist chair or getting my teeth worked on but I can say, Dr. Grace is my perfect dentist and I trust her completely to tend to my dental needs.

  3. The best dentist in the world (and I am not prone to exaggeration).

    Quite simply, she is the best. And for you not in the area, you can pay for the exquisite care with
    your savings. How good is that?

  4. Great Experiences

    Very Professional and caring. My wife and I have been going to Grace for the past 4 or 5 years. Gentle, kind and a very good dentist! When we went back to the States, a dentist we know said what a fine job Dr. Grace had done on both out teeth.
    Highly recommend!

  5. The best dentist I have ever been to!

    I can’t even believe that I would say a dentist appointment was pleasant but I just had 10 appointments with Dr. Ordonez to get some old mercury fillings removed. Every appointment was just as perfect and as pleasant as can be! Every filling was removed with zero Novocain because she is extremely gentle and she is an extreme perfectionist. The process was completely doable. Dr. Ordonez has the equipment to remove mercury safely. She’s the only one in Ecuador that has the proper equipment! I cannot recommend her enough!!

  6. A Professional and a good friend.

    You’re not on the assembly line with Dra. Grace. Her personal touch is immediate. She takes as much time as is necessary to do whatever you need done as perfectly as possible. No rushing. She genuinely cares about ever detail.
    My wife and I needed a lot of work done after we retired and had the time and could better afford the lower costs in Ecuador. We are very happy with our results.

  7. I’ve been fortunate to have experienced Dr. Grace as both a dentist and as a friend, and – on both fronts -she is one of the warmest, caring and highest integrity people I’ve ever known.

    On the dentist front, I’ve had her or her associates 1) extract four teeth, 2) do two root canals, 3) do two filling replacements, 4) repair a failed crown (that was done years ago in the States), and 5) do a new crown. Next will be three implants and a two-tooth bridge. In all cases, the work-to-date has been exemplary.

    On the personal front, I’ve gotten insights on the lengths that Grace goes to in providing the highest quality, most caring and comfortable dentistry in Cuenca. Not to mention its affordability compared to US dentistry.

    I give Dr. Grace my highest recommendation. And, if you ever have an issue with *any aspect* of her or her associates’ care, I urge you to make an appointment to chat with her privately and openly about it to clear the air. In my experience, she will do whatever’s possible to make things right for you.

  8. Superb Dentistry with a Heart!

    Dr. Ordénez’s team is amazing. I had a limited amount of time in Cuenca and everyone went out of their way. They worked after hours and during lunch to complete my treatment on time. For the first time in my life I enjoyed going to the dentist.
    The work done was excellent and very reasonably priced.

  9. Amazing Grace

    My experience with Doctors Grace Ordonez, Maria Sanchez, Diego Toral, and her entire staff has been extremely pleasant. You wouldn’t think that having crowns replaced, a root canal and an implant put in as being pleasant, but they made it that way. They went out of their way to accommodate me in every way possible. All of them made sure that I was comfortable and that I had everything I needed, and even changed appointment times to accommodate me, when I ran into complications. Her and her staff, truly cares about the work that they do and are true professional. It is so refreshing to find dentists that care more about you as a person and the work they perform, than just another dollar sign. Thank you!!!

    PS; I tried to give it 5 stars but it wouldn’t let me.

  10. Dr GRACE: just the BEST

    My wife had quite a bit of dental work done in Cuenca the summer of 2015 while we were trying out Cuenca as a place to live in retirement. We were completely won over by her no nonsense, direct approach and light hands while actually doing the work. She will definitely be our Dentist when we make our move this June. Thanks Dr. Grace!

  11. Best dental experience of my life!

    I wanted to leave a review of superlatives for Dr. Grace but after reading all the previous reviews I see that all the superlatives have already been used. She is quite simply a perfect dentist – professional, unimaginably accommodating in today’s world and extremely gentle. She’s a first-rate dentist and a kind person. You’d like her as your dentist but you’d like her more as your friend. A big thank you and a big hug to you Grace!!

  12. Excellence

    We are a Canadian couple who came to Cuenca to check the city out & particularly to have extensive dental work done. We researched Dr. Grace & emailed well in advance to book two weeks of dental work. This is our third dental experience outside of Canada, and we’re already giving friends and others an excellent recommendation. Particularly for my husband, who’s had practically a mouth reconstruction (10 crowns + 3 root canals + bridge + cosmetic work on top & bottom front teeth, etc) Dr. Grace and her team have surpassed our expectations in excellence! As a team, from Dr. Maria, Dr. Paul, Dr. Grace…and supporting members & lab, this is a one stop clinic.

  13. Excellent dentistry with a lots of hart and special touch

    During my recent trip around Ecuador and with extended stay in Cuenca, I have decided to have some dental work done by Dr. Grace Ordonez.

    My experience with Dr. Ordonez and her team went beyond my imagination. After initially anticipated work was completed, I have decided to extend my stay in Cuenca for additional two weeks and have all my dental problems rectified by Dr. Ordonez and her team. My dental treatment included from basic extraction and filing to root canal, crowns, deep cleaning and implants. In my case, not only I have beautiful, natural teeth and crowns to show, allowing me to smile like never before, but my teeth bite has been rectified as well.

    Because my timing was limited, Dr. Ordonez dedicated her extra time and attention to my treatment, working very early in the morning and after regular office hours. Dr. Ordonez is perfectionist, who provides excellent care with outstanding results. Dr. Ordonez genuinely cares for her patients and every smallest detail of her work she provides to them. There is no rushing in Dr. Ordonez cabinet, every detail is done to perfection. Any procedure is not consider completed until patient and Dr. Ordonez are satisfied with the final results.

    During all my procedures, I was treated with most respects by Dr. Ordonez, her team doctors and supporting staff. For a fist time, I have been treated in dentist cabinet as a patient and no quick money grab, so typical across North America these days. All the procedures by four doctors, have been conducted in Dr. Ordonez cabinet, where all her team doctors came to see me, instead of being circled around from one doctor’s office to another, from one appointment to another, back home. I would like to ensure people who are afraid to go to the dentist, that at any time during my procedures, I was in any pain or even discomfort. The gentle approach of Dr. Ordonez and Dr. Sanchez, their magic touch, made me feel good and safe.

    Dr. Ordonez team provides the highest quality care and service, using state of the art equipment, latest materials and methods in relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

    Special thank you to whole team of doctors: Dr Grace Ordonez, Dr. Maria Sanchez, Dr. Santiago Reinoso, Dr. Juan, supporting staff Gabi, Jonathan and dental lab technicians for providing such an extraordinary care, dedication, beautiful work and patience with me. I am extremely satisfied with results of whole team efforts and work outcome. I do not think, I will be able to receive or afford this kind of care and treatment in Canada.

    I highly recommend dr. Ordonez and her team for any type of work, big or small.

    If you are looking for a dental treatment, with a special touch and extraordinary results, look no further, Dr. Grace Ordonez dental office is your place.

    You will be satisfied guaranteed and tell about your experience to anyone like me.

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