Dr. Daniela Ordoñez

Specializing in all phases of General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to Dr. Daniela’s dental office, for all your dental needs. Specializing in all phases of General & Cosmetic Dentistry. As soon as you enter this office, you’ll smile; you will find yourself in a modern yet cozy and comfortable place, the ambiance is inviting. We count with highly skilled specialists as part of our team, all very friendly and caring. We join forces in making sure your oral health is in optimal condition.

Whether you’re visiting the dentist for a routine cleaning, for treatment for a toothache or to undergo a cosmetic procedure to improve your appearance, you should expect the best possible care and the highest level of personalized attention.

Dr. Daniela Ordóñez, DDS; Works committed to providing truly patient-centered care whether she is performing general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or emergency dentistry services. At our office, patients are first and we go above and beyond to ensure that everyone who entrust their dental care to us have a positive experience with every visit.


Having the healthiest teeth possible requires understanding any problems that you may have and knowing how to best care for your teeth at home. Dr. Ordóñez and her team of dental professionals will take the time to fully explain any problems that she discovers or any preventative measures that she feels need to be taken to promote your oral health.

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