Dr Grace Ordoñez

We are a Highly Trained group of dentist that focuses on the overall health of a patient as well a his or hers Dental needs. We use only the Highest Quality dental products from Germany and the U.S
Paucarbamba and Miguel Cordero Davila, Work Center Building
Cuenca Azuay EC


ClasDental has worked throughout South America to provide the best oral care and promote good dental hygiene in order to prevent oral disease and decay.
Cuenca Azuay EC

Centro Odontologico Gonzalez

Our mission is to promote oral health by offering high quality integrated dental services provided by specialized professionals with the highest level of experience and ethics.
Cuenca Azuay EC

Dr. Jorge Espinoza W.

Cuenca Azuay EC

Centro Dental Vega

Specializing in re-constructive dentistry and handling amalgam fillings
Cuenca Azuay EC

Dr. Santiago Tinoco

Our goal is to preserve, protect and enhance your dental health by creating a caring and gentle atmosphere where the level of treatment is second to none.
Consultorios Santa Ana Ave Paucarbamba & Jose Peralta
Cuenca EC

Dr. Daniela Ordoñez

Specializing in all phases of General & Cosmetic Dentistry
Ave. Paucarbamba 4-117 and Las Retamas
Cuenca EC

Centro Especialidades Odontológicas

4 generations of dentists doing dentistry in Cuenca over a 100 years!
Eduardo Muñoz y Gran Colombia (behind Banco Pacífico) Alcalá Bldg. First Floor
Cuenca Azuay EC

Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic

"Find Health in Ecuador" serves as both a Primary Dental Clinic as well as a Medical Tourism Organization, located in Cuenca-Ecuador, and is able to cater to all of your Dental & Medical Tourism needs.
Pumapungo & Paseo de los Cañaris, Medimagen Building, 2nd Floor
Cuenca Azuay EC